Available in a selection vinyls, brushed nylon or Union Cloth, in a variety of colours and materials.
Please contact us for current availability and prices of all headlinings

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Austin Ruby Mk2  Headlining
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Austin A30 - A35 Saloon Headlining
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Austin A30 - A35
Van Headlining
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Austin A40 Farina Headlining

Austin Ruby – Brushed Nylon
Austin Ruby – Union Cloth
Austin A40 Somerset – Brushed Nylon
Austin A40 Somerset – Union Cloth
BMW 2002
Ford 100E Moonstone
Ford 100E Brushed Nylon
Ford 100E Union Cloth
Ford Consul 315 Moonstone
Ford Anglia 105E Moonstone
Ford Anglia 105E Estate
Ford Capri Mk2
Ford Capri Mk3
Ford Cortina Mk1 Saloon Moonstone
Ford Cortina Mk1 Estate Moonstone
Ford Cortina Mk2 Saloon
Ford Cortina Mk2 Estate
Ford Cortina Mk4
Ford Cortina Mk5
Ford Escort MK1 Saloon & 2 Estate
Ford Escort Mk2
Ford Escort Mk1/2 Van Front Cab Section
Ford Escort Mk1/2 Van Full Roof
Ford Escort Mk2 4 door
Ford Escort Mk3/4
Ford Escort Mk3/4 Rear H/Lining Bars
Ford Escort Mk3 Estate
Ford Escort Mk4 Van Cab
Ford Escort Mk4 combi van Grey
Ford Escort mk4 estate (2 door) Grey
Ford Fiesta Mk1
Ford Fiesta Mk2 XR2 Moonstone
Ford Orion
Ford Pilot - Cloth
Ford Pilot – Brushed Nylon
Hillman Minx 1968
Humber Sceptre Mk1 /2 - 1967
Opel Ascona A Series
Opel Manta B Series
Triumph TR4A Hard Top Liner
Vauxhall Cavalier Mk2
Vauxhall Chevette Hatchback
Vauxhall Nova GSi Mk1
Vauxhall Nova Mk2
Vauxhall Wyvern/Cresta/Velox E Nylon
Vauxhall Wyvern/Cresta/Velox E Cloth
Vauxhall Wyvern/Cresta/Velox E Vinyl
Vauxhall Velox/Cresta PB - Vinyl
Volkswagen Golf Mk1
Volkswagen Caddy Pick Up


Austin A40 Farina
Austin A50 – Cloth
Ford Consul Mk1 Cloth
Ford Consul MkII
Ford Zodiac MkIII
Ford 100E nylon
Ford 100E Cloth
Ford Anglia 105E
Ford Escort Mk1
Escort Mk1 Estate
Ford Escort Mk2
Escort Mk2 Estate
Ford Escort Mk3
Ford Capri Mk1
Ford Capri Mk2/3
Ford Capri Mk2/3 with Sunroof
Ford Corsair
Ford Cortina Mk1
Ford Cortina Mk2
Ford Cortina Mk3
Ford Cortina Mk4/5
Ford Fiesta Mk1
Ford Fiesta Mk2
Hillman Imp
Hillman Super Minx
Hillman Hunter
Hillman Hunter Vinyl Kit
Hillman Avenger
Hillman Avenger Vinyl Kit
Humber Sceptre Mk3
Opel Manta A
Opel Manta B – with Sunroof
Opel Kadett C
Victor F Series – Cloth
Vauxhall Victor FB
Vauxhall Viva HA
Vauxhall Viva HB
Vauxhall Viva HC
Vauxhall Chevette Hatch
Vauxhall Firenza
Vauxhall Victor FD
Vauxhall Victor FD Estate
Wolseley 15/50 – Cloth
Austin A30 1952 to 1956
Austin A30 VAN 1954 to 1956
Austin A35 1957 to 1959
Austin A35 VAN 1956 to 1968
MG MAGNETTE - Z Series  


Austin A110
Austin Mini
Morris Minor
1968 Humber Hawk Estate
Ford Pop 103E Nylon
Ford Pop 103E Cloth
Ford 100E
Ford Escort Mk1
Ford Fiesta Mk1 & Mk2
Ford Cortina Mk1
Ford Cortina Mk3
Ford Capri Mk2 & 3
Ford Transit Mk1
34 Ford Coupe
35 Ford Coupe
37 Ford Coupe
Hillman Avenger
Hillman Imp
Jaguar Mk2
Jaguar Mk2 Cloth
50 Chevy
55 Chevy
57 Chevy
58 Buick
49 to 54 Chevy Panel Van
Buick Riviera Boat Tail 1972
Chevy Camaro 67 – 68
Ford Mustang fastback 69-70£
Vauxhall Viva HB
Vauxhall Viva HC
Vauxhall Firenza
Vauxhall Cresta/Velox PA
VauxhallCresta/Velox PC
Vauxhall Ventora FD
Ventora FD Vinyl roof kit
Vauxhall Astra Mk1
VW Beetle old-6 piece
VW Golf Mk1
VW Scirocco Mk1
VW Ghia Razor
Wolseley 6/110
Singer Gazelle Mk V & VI
Triumph Dolomite
BMW 2002 

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