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Classic Car Carpet Sets

Classic Motor Carpets are suppliers of high quality classic car carpet sets for a wide range of vehicles
Many different colours available, either man-made or wool.
Each set has a drivers heel mat and is hand bound and edged.

Carpet Sets

Our carpets are manufactured from either Polypropylene with Latex backing, or 80/20% Wool with Latex backing.
With over 20 colours to choose from, we can supply carpets for 100's of classic cars and vans. If your car is not listed, we can make a set from your paper templates, or old carpets.

Car Details

Please ensure you specify the exact details and year of your car to make sure you receive the correct set.
Things like floor or column gear change, bench or separate seats, handbrake position etc.
If your car is modified, then we can adapt the carpet set, using your paper templates.


We have classic car headlining kits available, for a wide range of cars, all fully sewn, with sleeve inserts for metal rods and extra pieces for pillars, sunvisors, and parcel shelves.
If we do not have the pattern for your car, then we can make a set, using either your old one, or paper templates as patterns.


Delivery is usually approx 21-30 days after funds have cleared in our bank.
We use reputable carriers, so you can track the progress of your order after it has been shipped.
See the ordering page for further details and prices for overseas delivery.

Click the brand name links to find your make & model of car

Ford Model Y Carpet
Ford 8 7Y Carpet
Ford 7W Carpet
Ford Prefect E493A Carpet - E93A
Ford Anglia E494A Carpet - E04A
Ford Popular 103E carpet set
Ford Pilot carpet set
Ford Anglia 100E carpet set
Ford Popular 100E carpet set
Ford Prefect 100E carpet set
Ford Prefect 107E carpet set
Ford 300E Thames Van carpet set
Ford 300E Escort Estate carpet set
Ford 300E Squire Estate carpet set
Ford Consul Mk1 carpet set
Ford Zephyr Mk1 carpet set
Ford Zodiac Mk1 carpet set
Ford Anglia 105E carpet set
Ford 307E Anglia Van carpet set
Ford Consul Classic 315 carpet set
Ford Consul Capri carpet set
Ford Corsair Carpet set 1500/1700 & V4
Ford Cortina Mk1 carpet set
Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1 carpet set
Ford Cortina Mk2 carpet set
Ford Cortina Mk3 carpet set
Ford Cortina Mk4 & 5 carpet set
Ford Escort Mk1 carpet set
Ford Escort Mk2 carpet set
Ford Escort Mk3 & 4 carpet set
Ford Fiesta carpet set
Ford Granada carpet set - Mk1 & Mk2
Ford Capri Mk1 carpet set
Ford Capri Mk2 carpet set
Ford Capri Mk3 carpet set
Ford Headlining Kits
Ford Popular 103E Headlining
Ford Prefect E493A Headlining
Ford 100E Headlining
Ford Anglia 105E Headlining
Ford Consul Mk1 Headlining
Ford Zephyr Mk1 Headlining
Ford Zodiac Mk1 Headlining
Ford Consul Mk2 Headlining
Ford Zephyr Mk2 Headlining
Ford Zodiac Mk2 Headlining
Ford Zodiac Mk3 Headlining
Ford Consul Mk3 Headlining
Ford Zephyr Mk3 Headlining
Ford Consul Mk4 Headlining
Ford Zephyr Mk4 Headlining
Ford Zodiac Mk4 Headlining
Ford Consul Classic 315 Headlining
Ford Cortina Mk1 & Mk2 Headlining
Ford Cortina Mk1 Estate Headlining
Ford Cortina Mk3 & Mk4 Headlining
Ford Escort Mk1, 2 & 3 Headlining
Ford Escort Mk1, 2 Van Cab Headlining
Ford Escort Mk1, 2 Van Headlining
Ford Capri Mk1, 2 & 3 Headlining
Ford Sun Visors
Ford Popular 103E Sun Visor
Ford 100E Sun Visor
Ford Consul Mk1 Sun Visor
Ford Consul Mk2 Sun Visor
Ford Zephyr Mk3 Sun Visor
Ford Cortina Mk1 Sun Visor
Ford Pilot Sun Visor
Ford F1 Truck 1948-52 Sun Visor
Ford F3 Truck 1952 Sun Visor
Fordson 10cwt - Sun Visor
Ford Transit Van Mk1 Sun Visor
Ford Transit Van Mk2 Sun Visor

Hillman Imp carpet set
Hillman Husky carpet set
Hillman Minx 3A/B carpet set
Hillman Avenger carpet set
Hillman Hunter carpet set
Hillman Headlining Kits
Hillman Avenger Headlining
Hillman Minx Series 3 Headlining
Hillman Minx Series 3 Estate Headlining
Hillman New Minx Headlining 1967
Hillman Super Minx Headlining
Hillman Imp Headlining
Hillman Sun Visors
Hillman Minx Series 1/2/3 Sun Visor
Hillman Minx Series 5 Sun Visor
Hillman Super Minx Sun Visor
Hillman Hunter Sun Visor

Humber Hawk carpet set
Humber Sceptre Mk 1 carpet set
Humber Sceptre Mk 2 carpet set
Humber Super Snipe Mk 4 S4 & S5 carpet set
Humber Imperial carpet set
Humber Headlining Kits
Humber Sceptre Mk1 & 2 Headlining
Humber Sun Visors
Humber Super Snipe Sun Visor
Humber Hawk Sun Visor
Humber Sceptre Mk1 & 2 Sun Visor
Humber Sceptre Mk3 Sun Visor

Singer Chamois carpet set
Singer Vogue Mk1/2 carpet set
Singer Vogue Mk4 carpet set
Singer Gazelle MK5 carpet set
Singer Headlining Kits
Singer Vogue Headlining Kit
Singer Gazelle Mk3 Headlining Kit

Singer Sun Visors
Singer Vogue Steel Sun Visor 

Volkswagen Golf Mk1 carpet set
Volkswagen Golf Mk2 carpet set
Volkswagen Headlining Kits
Volkswagen Golf Mk1
Volkswagen Beetle 

All prices are inclusive - No VAT to add on. 
Prices shown do not include shipping costs.
£15.00 shipping for UK mainland carpet orders.
Go to the Ordering Page for overseas shipping costs.
Check our facebook page for deals and new products.


L: 01406 351526   
M: 07774 037996

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